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1 front exterior
2 Entry
Living Room
3 Dining Room
Stairs from above
upstairs hall
Master bath
veranda football

Ryan Street and Associates designed this new construction home to embrace traditional elements and classic style. Utilizing a balance of natural and man-made materials, the home was built to stand the test of time. Definitive brick, carved limestone elements, and copper lanterns made in New Orleans are all featured on the exterior of the home. On the interior, the foyer's curved staircase is a prominent showcase of the home, while the paneled walls and coffered ceilings in various rooms create an air of elegance. Rachel Mast Design took care to outfit the residence with sophisticated furnishings that compliment the traditional architecture of the home. 

Rachel Mast Design

Interior Design

LandWest Design Group

Landscape Design   

Alise O'Brien


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